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Ask a guy who's just beyond zonked on pain meds

Hey there Groupthinkerinos. I write to you from the heart of the Bearscave where my ol' frenemy, the traumatic spinal disc herniation, has decided to pay me a visit and boy, howdy, were we reminiscing today. All is not lost, however, as a certain somebody* is self-medicating with some left over stuff from the last time this old friend decided to swing on by and throw the football around.

So anyways, I'm pretty delightfully out there and this presents me with a unique opportunity. As you all know, I usually only treat my body like a temple** and do not indulge in drugs. I'm a child of the 80's and I always listened to Nancy Reagan, whether it was about smoking crack or wearing solid primary colours or secretly getting with Frank Sinatra.


So as I lay prone on the couch feel free to join me and ask me questions about, you know, whatever. I can't promise that the answers will be true but I can promise monkeyshines.


**A temple dedicated to hot fudge sandwiches but, whatever, like you're so great.

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