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Ask a Manager: "What the actual F"

My employee didn’t give a coworker the message that his wife was in surgery, and now everyone hates him.

( I don’t even know the guy and I hate him.)

I’m a shift manager in a manufacturing/shop environment.

One of the workers on the other shift, “Percival,” was asked to fix an issue with the computer in the foreman’s office. Percival volunteers to do this and is always classified and paid accordingly, as per the collective agreement with his union. While he was fixing it, the foreman, “Wakeen,” covered his job (again as per the union agreement). While he was in the office, there was a phone call that Wakeen’s wife, Jane, had been injured on duty (she is a police officer) and was being taken to the hospital for immediate surgery. Percival did not even attempt to let Wakeen know what happened. There was a second call two hours later, and again Percival did not make any attempt to tell Wakeen. When Wakeen didn’t come to the hospital, Jane’s partner sent another officer to our shop and the security guard at the gate ended up calling Wakeen to come out. It was four and a half hours after Percival received the first phone call. Wakeen immediately left to go to the hospital where Jane was already in surgery.


So basically Percival didn’t tell Wakeen immediately because if W left for the hospital P would have to go back to his job on the floor and he wanted to stay in the office. P gets fired but files a grievance and gets reinstated. W is so upset about he quits. That’s were the “everyone hates him” part comes in and the OP wants Alison’s advice on how to handle the situation.

I read this whole thing with my mouth hanging open

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