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Ask a Mom

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I will start by saying that, unlike Miss Whitney Houston, I am not every woman. I cannot speak for all moms. I'm a pretty new mom, in fact. I'm not qualified to dispense parenting advice any more than any other parent. But these "ask me anything" segments have been so awesome and informative and sparked such great discussions that I have wanted to do this for a while. And, of course, since The Stallion That Mounts the World was born today, the timing was right.


My goal with this is not to dispense wisdom from on high (though I will certainly chime in with my experience); there is no ONE mom you, gentle readers, will be asking questions of. Rather, I wanted to create a temporary, friendly space where parents, would be parents, child-care folk, and people who are curious about parents can ask and answer one another's questions in good faith. Back when I first started this mothering thing, I didn't have a real life community of parents to bounce ideas off of, and I am grateful to have found a wonderful support system online. So, in a sense, this is my attempt to pay it forward.

Hopefully this will not blow up in my face. Parenting? The Internet? I tread dangerous ground—here there be dragons...

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