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Ask A Photographer

Ok, so I've been inspired by the new Kinja (scary) and the idea of asking those with some expertise in different subjects interesting. So, while it may not be a big interest, I'm offering this "ask a photographer". Now, to be upfront, I am certainly not the best out there, nor am I the worst. I am a professional that's been a licensed business owner for several years. My specialties are action, motorsports, event, and fine art photography. However I can assist with just about anything, or find the answer for you. I am well versed in Photoshop CS4/CS6, and several different plug ins.

If I don't know an answer, I am also an internet hound who can find it in a flash. So hopefully, I can assist with anything here. Or, if there's someone else here who is also in the same industry, please, chime in!


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