So I'm going to be bored tonight. My kid brother is coming over to play with the cats and XBox because my parents are going out late. He's 14 I don't really have much to talk to him about after the 15 minute mark. This is what happens when siblings are 15 years apart, but I digress.

So I answered a bunch of questions about resumes, interviewing, job seeking etc. It was fun and I don't think I destroyed anyone's career. Ask me stuff.

Disclosure: I've been doing this almost 3 years, previously I worked as an admin. I staff for offices and light industrial. So my wheelhouse is mainly people in admin, customer service, light warehouse, clerical, and accounting. I've done some IT and graphic design, and I'm familiar with apparel industry but one of the more senior recruiters focuses on that. I have not done anything in academia which I know a lot of GTers are in but if you got a generalized question maybe I can help.

If someone feels inclined please share to BackTalk because I comment there but I'm not an author.