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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ask Polly - Who I Needed to Read Right Now

This is from February, but man oh man does it resonate right now.


I’m alternating between floor-crying and being super fucking angry that I got dumped from something that is not my fault (my mental illness). And what I like about Polly’s answer is that she acknowledges that most people are really terrible about dealing with bad shit that happens. I’ve experienced this over and over again both with my mental illness and a car accident I had a few years ago.  

Time to channel some of that anger. I’ve already decided that I need to figure out some way to help out some of my disadvantaged students at my College- our college is one of the few that received Inuk students from Up North - and the College and system is terrible to them. Time to start writing emails to put some of my feelings of outrage to good use...well, once the floor-crying gets a little less sporadic.

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