Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We had meetings this morning. I thought it would feel like the last two days of break, since they were out by noon.

I thought wrong.

There are things I like about school being in session (structure, students). There are things I don’t (tired, structure). I’m still surfing a little of the bummer parade from earlier this week, when my husband had to head back to his life in another state, but I’m determined to make the best of it. Unfortunately, I’m a talker, and I live alone.

There are a few lines in this scene that pop into my head when I hear “talker.”
Gif: If you know what I’m talking about, you’re welcome.

So maybe this is like an AMA, except I have the questions. About work. About life. About skincare. (I seem to change skin types every few months. Is that normal?) Warning: random free-form thoughts ahead. Answer if you wanna. Ask your own if you’d rather.

  • What are your work friendships like? I’m navigating the possibility of having some, and having them be ... full-time and long-term. The pairing have me anxious. Is there a template? Is there a how-to book?
  • What do you do when you get home from work? I’ve discovered the sound of the TV keeps me from getting lonely. (Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered it’s the quickest way to pass the whole evening without doing anything for myself, which is lame.) Food? Exercise? In what order? How much?
  • When do you buy groceries? All at once on the weekend? Two trips, throughout the week? I’m struggling with the right amount of perishables.
  • Should lower middle class folks do meal plan boxes? I hate cooking and I hate grocery shopping. I know it’s not cost-effective, so it seems wasteful. But is it better than grazing? I can’t decide.
  • My family has boycotted WalMart for literal decades, since before it was a thing people did. There are literally no dedicated grocery stores in town, except for bargain stores which do not carry everything, or have exceptionally gross produce and no meat variety. (I’m also looking at you, Target.) I spent the fall stitching together an existence from three or four different stores that all had ... part of what I wanted. The husband did Fresh Market last week and it was so easy ... I want to go back. Am I going to hell for shopping at WalMart? Or should I continue to stitch together an existence from three different stores? (Or ... meal plans?)
  • This isn’t a question, but I asked you guys about dog cameras and we ended up receiving one for Christmas. It has been hilarious with BabyDog, and a godsend with FluterPup. She stayed at home alone (without BabyDog) for the first time .... ever? ... last night, and thanks to Furbo, we were able to distract her from her meltdowns and my furniture survived. It’s possible BabyDog may get to go to some obedience classes and turn into a slightly more manageable hell-beast. Today I caught her napping on the couch. Super cute, but also rude.
  • Money hacks? Some of my friends were talking about different types of savings accounts, and different doo-dads and thingamajiggies for their retirement accounts. I’m late to the game, but finally have one of each. Apparently there are types of savings and rewards for each. I’m doing great for a musician, but compared to the rest of the world, don’t make enough to pay a financial planner, but would like to start doing wise-ish things with the money I do have.
  • Savings hacks: I’d like to buy a new flute, which will be like the downpayment on a house. I’d like to do some work on my house. Again, I’m doing great for a musician, but we’re nowhere near six figures, and music makes way less than like ... business or chemistry. So there’s money! But not a ton. How do you trick yourself into saving aggressively?
  • Academic people ... navigating admins? The tenure process starts soon, which means I’ll have to have conversations with people. I am ... anxious about new social situations, and this definitely counts.


I think that’s it for now. Will add more in the comments as I think of them.

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