Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi all - my friends own a restaurant that is trying to stay open and offering free meals everyday for anyone who needs it. She’s trying to make it more sustainable (and hopefully get local suppliers and more restaurants involved). She’s been reaching out to some large corporations for food or monetary donations, but they don’t have any structure or anything in place to take donations, or obviously a social media strategy or anything like that - and we are trying to think of something more legit than just having a Venmo passed around in social media.

Setting aside all the legal nonprofit shit because fuck that, it’s anarchy here right now and people are hungry, we just need to smooth this out.


There are obviously a lot of moving parts, but I just wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas for apps or anything that we may not already know about that will be helpful for raising money. We are both tech stupid haha. Their restaurant is not set up to sell anything online currently.

Since they are also homeschooling two kids and trying to run this restaurant, she needs something that can be easier on her time than just cold-calling and running around and picking shit up and taking credit card numbers on the phone and shit. I offered to help in any way I can and she was like, “um can you just...figure this out??” Hahaha. So here I am.

I thought, “where do I know a group of people with a lot of diverse experience and expertise?” and of course you lovely people came to mind.

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