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Hey to all the new people I haven’t talked to. I’ve really only been able to lurk since I finally got a working computer at home and commenting on a Kindle is super difficult. Also I have like a real job now which really interferes with my internetting.

So the thing I need help with is wedding stuff. Geekboy proposed on Friday! Yay! We’re whovians and though the ring isn’t themed I melted when he asked me to be his “companion”. Also if someone knows how to fix a cellphone video and rotate it that would be awesome. His BIL filmed in portrait and know I have a very sweet video that is horizontal.

I have literally no idea how to start planning a wedding and need some advice on resources to start. Non-scary blogs, websites, resources people have used that weren’t super judgy if you’re not either crafty-Pinterest girl or super rich.


Also eloping won’t happen because we’re close to both sets of parents and also I want a party with booze and dancing. Backyard is a possibility. Also what do you do when you’re an introvert with few friends and your fiance is a damn southern belle* who wants everyone he’s ever met as a friggin groomsman.

Also is it weird to ask a dude to be in your bridal party and stand with the bride? Has anyone done this and what has the guy worn?

*reality he’s a a super social extrovert Italian-American.

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