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Asking for help for a sweet canine friend

Hi, all.

I wouldn’t normally post a gofundme type thing here, because I know if we all did it, GT would be flooded with all of us trying help everyone all the time. Whew, that was a mouthful!


Our dear friends adopted a rescue doggie, Soma, and she needs new knees. They started a gofundme a while back and finally have enough to make a down payment on surgery for one knee. They need help continuing to raise funds so that they can begin the surgeries as soon as possible, as Soma’s condition has worsened significantly.


So if you can, if you don’t mind, please consider sharing on your own social media. And if you want to contribute, that’s awesome, too!

I’m hoping a little GT love can get Soma closer to her goal.

Thanks in advance!

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