Been hearing a bit more about Julian Assange in the news lately, which I suppose makes sense. It's coming up on a year since he squirreled himself away in the Ecuadorean embassy, and I guess that deserves some sort of recognition. The anniversary's also a good release time for various entertainment projects, including the documentary “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks.” Assange himself does not participate, and Salon's interview with the director gives some idea as to why.

First of all, it's a matter of control, as Assange pretty much has zero interest in an impartial viewing of his case. In fact, he and his supporters would prefer there to be little or no mention of the late unpleasantness in Sweden. From the interview:

Let’s get back to Assange and the sex charges, because that’s gonna be Kryptonite to a lot of people. Am I correct about what you hint at here – that this guy may have a pattern of having sex with women and intentionally damaging condoms so they become pregnant? I mean, that’s the suggestion.

It’s suggested. I don’t know that to be true. I know that a number of people have suggested that to me as something very real: He likes to spread his seed. But the purpose of including that suggestion was not to say that it’s so, but simply to say that this may be a serious matter, and can’t be passed off as something that is simply trivial. It isn’t jilted women, or women who became jealous of each other, and, as Julian says, “got into a tizzy.”

I just find this stuff interesting, because it really looks like Wikileaks was laid low not by the CIA, but by their founder's abusive sex fetish. I also think it's funny that he's roped all these well-meaning people into such a ridiculous fight to hold himself above the law. From the tell-all book by his former spokesman: