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Asshole dog owners

It may or may not have become apparent that I am a crazy dog lady. I get so irate when people don't treat their dogs properly or put them at risk for any sort of harm whatsoever.

There is a teeny chihuahua that always escapes from its backyard. It lives at least 3 blocks away from me yet I see it all the time toddling around the streets of my neighborhood. I found out by asking around where it lives. However, the little guy is terrified of everyone and won't let me come near him to pick him up and take him home. The best I can do is try to herd him back towards his house.

I just saw him wandering outside, on the sidewalk of a semi-major street, at least 3 blocks from his house. Again, he wouldn't let me get close enough to grab him. At least during the day when he crosses this street people can see him. There is no way that dog is going to survive if someone is speeding and doesn't see him.


My question is this: what can I do?! Part of me wants to call animal control because these owners obviously do not care about their dog's well being but I live in a VERY high kill area because of overbreeding. The shelters are already full of chihuahuas and it would be really likely that a chihuahua sent there would be euthanized. However, I worry so much that this little guy is going to get run over by a car. I feel bad that I've done nothing :(

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