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Asshole exes

So, when my ex and I were going through the divorce, he decided to turn it into a contested divorce. In my state, that basically delays everything by months and months and makes it more expensive.

Personally, I think he was just being lazy and didn't file by the time he was supposed to (it's an automatic thing), but he didn't want to say that in court, so he added some last minute requests for sharing holidays with the children (which didn't belong in the divorce proceedings, but whatever). Every other year, he gets the kids for winter break, starting on Christmas day at noon.


This year? First, he said he was getting them on Christmas Eve. "No, you get them on Christmas DAY. At NOON."

"Oh, you're doing something with your family?"

Fucker, it does not matter what I'm doing with my children. They are to be in MY custody until noon. Period.

Then, when he picks them up, he says, "Oh, I'll drop them off tomorrow."

NO. NO. You were supposed to have them until January 2nd, you asshole! That was in the agreement! It's even in there that it's up to you to find childcare for them when you have them! I don't care that I work from home! I am actually trying to work, and now I'll have the kids bickering behind my desk about who gets to be on the XBox (no advice on that please, I'm a fucking pro at this. It still doesn't make it less annoying).


And what really burns me? He. Asked. For. This.

He's getting really fucking ballsy for a guy who owes me $24k in child support.

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