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You guys, I'm so pissed off at this article. Never mind that he probably got paid money for dragging out the whole saga even further, this guy is just a dick.

He'd heard Roger's misogyny before but this time it was different because he seemed "more angry". He was still a friend though, despite the misogyny. He also still thinks if he'd just managed to get Rogers a girlfriend everything would be fine. He told some women to tickle Rogers and it was "the only time he saw him happy". He actually encourages him to catcall women in passing.

(ETA: Most of you disagree that he's encouraging catcalling. I'm rather cynical that he actually reccomended that he comment on their shoes and hair, especially as he apparently accepted his severe misogyny previously. In addition, I would consider unsolicited comments about hair catcalling, but perhaps I'm being oversensitive...)


Then he finishes by likening him to a puppy.

If only we'd tickled him on occasion, girls! He was so unhappy!

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