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Asshole IT Guy

I’m probably irrationally pissed off about an asshole IT guy at work but I just need to vent. As you all know I’ve been a bit on edge lately. It’s the day after Christmas, I didn’t get enough sleep, there are like 4 people here, I get it being at work sucks. The difference between me and asshole IT guy is I can fake being a decent fucking human being. And I have more customer service skill in my goddamn pinkie than this dude who works on MOTHERFUCKING SUPPORT DESK has in his entire body. Backstory: So I recently got permission to work from home on Mondays. It’s conditional as no one in the department has really ever done this with having a kid as the reason. My MIL will watch Baby Haa upstairs and I’m going to work in the basement. I like it because it will allow me to see her a bit more, give her one on one attention from g’ma versus the daycare she is in the other 4 days a week, and originally I imagined I could breast feed her while I worked, then I could pump at my desk and still work, but obviously that didn’t work out either way. So my supervisor told me I need to get a “button installed on my desk phone to route calls directly to my cell phone” so I could be reached at home without anybody needing to call a different number. She wasn’t quite sure what it was called but she had talked to other departments who used this setup. So I get a very nice IT lady who wasn’t quite sure what I was talking either but instead of just escalating the ticket to the telecomm team, she just told me I could have texts sent to my cell letting me know there are voicemails on my desk phone and I could call externally to access them. The way she explained it, it seemed like that was my only option not that she was offering this as an alternative. So I submitted the request, it was filled and I let my supervisor know what was happening. She wasn’t happy with this solution and insisted she had talked to people who had a set up with calls forwarded to their cells. My husband works in IT, meanwhile, so I am telling him about this and he is saying they should be able to just have calls forwarded to my cell. That’s the way their help desk’s on call phone works. They set it up to forward to whoever’s week on call it is. So I called back IT, got a different person and he also didn’t know what I was talking about but forwarded it on to the telecomm team. They put a button on my phone to forward calls that I press twice to engage and again when I want to cancel it. Perfect. Meanwhile this other ticket that had been resolved needed to be undone. So I call IT this morning and get asshole IT guy. I’ve dealt with him before and he just is really rude and condescending. I don’t like it and I’ve thought about complaining about him before. So I explain the situation, very politely, without accusing them of not knowing how to do their job and just said I need this ticket undone, I have the ticket #, and my original problem has already been resolved. He goes, “You want it canceled? snort”. “Basically. Yes. Thank you.” “Well they ain’t gonna be happy about that.” Really buddy? It’s my fault you guys have to do your job? Even if you think I’m the dumbest motherfucker to ever live FAKE IT OR FIND A DIFFERENT JOB. You should not be help desk if you hate people and can’t hide you contempt even a little bit. Oh and learn how to not mouth breathe into the fucking phone. So I say “Thank you.” In the most sarcastic tone possible and as I hang up I can’t help but say douche out loud. He probably didn’t hear me but god I’m fucking pissed.

Post script: Immediately after this and as I typed the above paragraph a different IT guy called to help me with an automatic software update I can no longer download on my own due to security restrictions. He was great. He made polite small talk with me while we waited for the slow update. Joked about how annoying this new policy was for both user and IT. He was great! So that has helped to calm me a bit and now I just imagine the asshole IT guy as “Nick Burns! Your company’s computer guy!” from SNL. Anyways share with me stories of assholes you work with.


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