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Asshole mantoddlers threaten to ragequit 4Chan for some reason

When I shared the Emma Watson leak threat story, a friend of a friend posted this in reply:

I did a little research: "cow tits" is apparently their ever so cute name for Zoe Quinn


who is apparently the target of ALL THE RAGE for the crime of being a woman who makes video games and has had sex with men (gross!). This is apparently a thing for which they will not stand. I'm not sure who "they" consider themselves to be, other than entirely justified in their rage at some woman they've never met, but as far as I can tell, they're just your typical gang of toddlers in men's bodies, throwing tantrums when the world doesn't cater to their every whim.

I'm not sure what the point of this action is supposed to be. I guess they're trying to make sure that 4chan has a policy that their mods can't be nice to women, and that this calls for direct action. Part of me hopes this really does shut down 4chan (which it won't. Organized walkouts like this only work if the people involved have some way of holding themselves accountable, and this groups entire purpose seems to be preserving this lack of accountability). But what I'd really like to see is for hackers to start targeting these guys. Perhaps they'd be a little less quick to wage war against random women if they new their reputations and livelihoods were at risk. "What reputation?" you may ask, "Aren't these just basement dwelling trolls?" Perhaps, but perhaps not. I imagine a good number of them are the kind of men we interact with daily, generally nice guys, perhaps too quick to make/laugh at sexist jokes, but not terrible people. I imagine a lot of them have public lives in which they'd be embarrassed to admit "I've been part of a campaign of harassment targeting women who have the audacity to speak out." It's time to drop the hammer on these guys.

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