So I'm starting to get bigger and bigger responsibilities at my job, and oftentimes I'll be given an assistant. I'm not always sure how to work with them, especially as they tend to be inexperienced and I'm still learning as I go. I try to teach people basic stuff that they don't know, teach them the jargon of theatre tech, have them try stuff and offer pointers on what they do, but I'm still not sure I'm being as effective as I could be.

1. How do I manage to engage and teach people without coming off as condescending or a know it all?

2. How should I act when I'm not sure about something and I need to fiddle around a bit to figure it out, or ask? I don't really want to come off like I don't know what I'm doing, but I feel like I occasionally do.

3. I also have trouble engaging with people on a more personal level; I try to ask people questions about what they're interested in or what they're doing outside of work, but it often falls flat and I have trouble getting conversations going.

Any advice on such matters would be wonderful. I wanna do the best job I can.