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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Associate Instructor position (HELP)

Sorry for posting again so soon, but I need some help.

There's an AI position open for a class I'd be perfect for helping with. I'm trying to write this cover letter. Since it's a teaching position (I'm starting my first year as a doc student later this month) do I need to include things about research as an undergrad?


The position is teaching a course under a program that helps underrepresented undergrads at my university, which is something I have some experience in. I'm going to include my volunteer experience (relevant) and then my tutoring experience at an elementary school. So basically anything I've done working with students. Do these things fit in a cover letter regarding this type of position? Never written one for something like this so I'm trying my best.

If anyone can give me some insight into this it would be really helpful. Thanks!

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