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I'm trying to get together my full ensemble for my wedding and now I'm really regretting the fact that I have no eye for these things. "Throw all the shit I like together and who cares if anything actually looks good together!" is a strategy (Ha! Strategy) that normally works just fine for me, but let's say I wanna class up the joint a bit.

I won't post the picture, but I will link (long story), but this is my dress.

Query 1: What era is this trying to emulate? It's under the "Modern Vintage" line and I totally feel some vitage-y vibes coming off it, but I can't narrow it down further than "first half of the 20th century" which is not helpful. Maybe 1930s? Does that have a helpful name like "Art Deco" or "Art Nouveau" when looking for roughly-matching jewellery/accessories?


Query 2: What should my head/veil action be? I love this:

But would it be TOO much? I LOVE lace veils and I LOVE the idea of a tiara (but I have to try it on with the dress to find out for sure, I know).


Or would it be better to do a low bun + lace veil (lace is a common and mandatory theme here) + fancy hair comb?


And if you're still with me...

Query 3: How can I tell if something on Etsy is actually real and not just an eBay item with a ridiculous markup? Because if I pay 50 cents for earrings on eBay, I know I'm not gonna get super quality here, but if I pay 50 bucks plus shipping for "vintage-style craftsperson made earrings with Swarowski elements" on Etsy I'm expecting it to have some semblance of quality, you know? But pictures make it hard to tell and even reviews can be inflated. Anyone have any 100% reputable artists who make vintage-style jewellery they can recommend?


Thank you for your time. Have some kitties snuggling:

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