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I'm surrounded by boxes and clothes at the moment, watching Arrested Development for the first time and having vague thoughts.

I kind of want to strangle Portia di Rossi's character. I may or may not have previously established issues with shopaholics and people who are careless with others' money, so this may not be entirely objective. Also, Michael Cera is oddly cherubic.

I've got a week til the move, and I've still got a lot to do, and not a ton of motivation to do it. I know I'll get it done, but apparently I'm more stressed than I realized, because I've been clenching my jaw in my sleep, aggravating my TMJ and setting myself back about 4 months in terms of therapy progress on my neck. Damn and blast and buggeration.


Mostly, I think I'm nervous bordering on terrified about teaching for my first year, being accountable for 150+ kids whose test scores, if they don't go up, will translate to "You're a bad teacher and you should feel bad." I've got a pretty good idea that I'm stepping into a bit of a small-time political minefield, as I understand another teacher wanted my position, and instead of hiring her internally, the principal hired a first-year teacher from 300 miles away. I'm probably not going to have the warmest welcome.

On the upside, being on Twitter and knowing I'll have to Skype with people has helped me talk to my friends a bit more, which isn't really saying much, as it occurs to me that the only person I "talk" to other than My Dear Emerson is my mom. Which I'm cool with, because my mom is incredible, but I should probably work to develop more friends. And maybe work on being okay with talking about myself with people face to face, rather than online :)

It probably won't happen any time soon, but I'll think about it.

One more week! One more week of using my hands all day, and then I will get paid to use my brain. It ought to be a nice change.

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