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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am doing a lot of complaining lately which is weird because I actually love my job. I am a little overwhelmed the past couple of weeks. Gonna take a couple days off soon just to have a long weekend and not go nuts. Here are my grievances:

  1. Don’t bug me to death when I don’t answer an email within 2 minutes of you sending it, and then never answer my emails when I need a question answered!
  2. I have a part time assistant (not really her title but that’s what she is doing) who overall does a great job but sometimes just gets full-blown amnesia about entire conversations we have. This means on days we work, together we are as productive as about 1.5 people rather than 2. So I am personally less productive when she is around, but overall our department is more productive...win? I just need to clone myself. I’d be such a badass if I was my own helper.
  3. My bosses have this habit of hiring people not qualified for the job. Like, they are very qualified for other jobs. But they hire a person who they just “like” in an interview rather than the more qualified person they don’t like as much. I understand the importance of feeling the chemistry in an interview, I’m just confused about why these people get the interview in the first place I guess.
  4. I get to telecommute on Fridays (clearly I’m using my time wisely), but not everyone gets that privilege. I have a long commute and for a while worked as a contractor independently, so I think they just trust me to get shit done unsupervised. One other person has a telecommute day, and he makes it a huge inconvenience for everyone whereas I try to be as easy as possible (like, I’ll just come in if Friday is the best time for a meeting, or whatever). This other guy makes his schedule everyone else’s problem and I’m mostly worried he’s going to ruin this for me.
  5. My woman-owned, woman-majority company is hiring lots of dudes lately. Generally, I think the effort for gender balance is a good thing but they just hired one at an executive level and the last time I was at a majority woman company where the woman in charge hired male executives to be above all the women who’d worked there forever, all the women got laid off first... So basically, this grievance is borne of paranoia.
  6. When I am queen of my own company, I’m not going to bring my pregnant ass giant dog to the office so she can roam around, bark at everyone (including clients!), and pee all over the floor.
  7. We have three dudes in our IT/web development department and two of them are just HUGE ASSHOLES! One of them, when my computer literally wouldn’t connect to the internet (and ergo our server where all my work is), told me he doesn’t have time to deal w/ computer illiterate people. (fun fact, I am very tech savvy but just can’t navigate the web of roadblocks and forced weird settings on our computers).
  8. We have little key fobs to get into the different buildings in our little complex, and I wear it on a lanyard around my neck, and I sound like I have a dog collar on walking around!
  9. My coworkers have set a precedent of checking their email and responding while on vacation, so now it’s starting to become implicitly expected. I haven’t given in but...whoa nelly.
  10. We are tracking our hours because of Obama’s rules about salaried employees, and lots of people in our office seem to find it incredibly offensive that they are being asked to log how many hours they work - NO ONE is working too few hours, like this is not the issue. They are like, “I can’t believe Obama is making us do this.” I’m like, um, Obama’s making sure our bosses aren’t overworking you and not paying you. How is that, again, bad for you? And they are like “because the government is watching me” or some other nonsense. These are smart, reasonable people. What is wrong with you?! I know you all feel overworked and underpaid!!

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