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Astrophy & Manstrophy Garage Sale! (Stella McCartney shoes!)

I haven't seen a garage sale post around here in quite a bit (I might just be idiotic and missing them), but Manstrophy and I are moving in the next week, and we have quite a few things to sell...


I have numerous pairs of shoes (size 8-8.5) that I can no longer wear due to my hip/back/spine/everything injury. This includes (PICTURES AVAILABLE IF YOU WANT):

- 1 pair of metallic black Stella McCartney shoes. They were gifted to me and I know the original cost was somewhere between $400-500, but they have been worn, so I'll probably just take the best offer I get for them!


- 1 pair of cherry red Jessica Simpson pumps. I think the heel is 4"? Not sure if you're supposed to measure to the base of the shoe or what. They're in really good condition, gorgeous shoes.

- 1 pair of black, shiny Via Spiga pumps. These were also gifts, and originally somewhere in the $200-300 range. I feel weird letting these beautiful shoes go to waste in my closet while I am stuck with my old lady orthopedic shoes. :P


- 1 pair brown East 5th heels (small heel, pointed toe). These are SO COMFORTABLE. I wore them when I was a paralegal and they are ridiculously comfortable.

- 1 pair brown East 5th heeled booties (small heel, small cuff, has a zipper). Also mega comfy and cute!


- 1 pair black knee high heeled boots. I don't know the brand, but they're sexy, really soft leatherish material and they come up to right below my knee. 3.5" heel I think!


Manstrophy has thousands (no exaggeration) of DVDs. Full seasons of numerous shows, etc. We really want to get rid of them. Right now, most of them are in binders, so we'd totally buy slip covers for them if you wanted, or you can just take a full binder if you want (he has good taste, I promise ;) )



We have a metal futon that opens out into a twin bed. We just don't have room to take it with us across the country, but it's really nice, and we used it as a couch/guest bed with good reviews! Right now, I took one of those super soft plushy blankets and folded it around the cushions so it is super soft. You're welcome to the blanket too, if you want!


Ikea Desk

Gorgeous, barely used black and white Ikea desk. It is this model, but in black and white. It's a really nice desk, and I really haven't used it. It deserves a nice, studious home! :)


Guitar Hero II & Rockband II game & Guitars

For Xbox 360.

Yamaha DTXplorer Electric Drum set (originally $700)

With throne, Axis base drum pedal (originally $200), stick holder, and sticks.

I may add to this as we find things, but for now, that's it! Any money we get from this will help us pay our deposit on a new apartment, moving costs, etc. Please help! :)

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