Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(I'm sorry for the two quick posts this afternoon, but I thought this was worth sharing.)

After being part-time for almost six months, my superiors at work want to move me up to full-time. This wasn't planned or anything, but a FT person just quit, and apparently I'm the part-timer with the most seniority, so I get first choice about taking over for the person who left. I was supposed to go in today for a meeting with my supervisors, but obviously that didn't happen.* One of them called me, though, to tell me what they were thinking in terms of my new schedule, and yeah, I'm going to be full-time. This means a lot of me as I'm almost 26 and I've never, ever had a full-time job for various reasons (but mostly due to being stuck in godawful retail jobs). I'm not quite ready to celebrate yet because I still have to meet with my supervisors to hammer out some details and probably fill out paperwork, but I am feeling pretty good about it. Like really good. :)


*I'm getting the car thing figured out. Apparently one of my friends, who is something between a resourceful older brother and a pseudo-father figure, has a special car battery charger, and he is going to lend it to me.

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