I just started watching At Midnight last night and I am OBSESSED with the interactive tweet part of the show. Tonight it's #CandyBands, where you integrate candy names with band names. I am having too much fun and I never want to stop doing this. EXAMPLES (From my own Twitter account, selfishly.):

Swedish Phish
Red Hots Chili Peppers
Eartha Kit Kat
Fun. Dip
Candy Korn

I don't want to stop doing this. It is so much fun. (Also, I am drinking and trying to ignore the fact that my folks went to Mexico and I haven't heard from them and both of their phones go straight to voicemail which is weird because they are always on top of staying in touch when they travel. PARENTS: How do you handle not constantly knowing where your kids are??? I should probably not have kids because I drank a bottle of wine and 3 beers from stress.)