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At the dealership

It's a nice dealership—free pastries, wifi, massage chairs, phone chargers, ipads for borrowing...but it's still a dealership and oh my god so bored. I could continue writing my 3 page reflection (but it's supposed to be 3 pages and "that's fucked up" is only 3 words) for next week.

So, what are other Jezzies up to this Saturday?

ETA: There's a couple here and the wife is refusing to leave because she's enjoying her massage too much. I love when people who argue in different languages assume no one else understand their secret language.


RETA: How cute are dads with kids? Like seriously. There's a dad here who has an adorb daughter with a cute Hello Kitty purse and he's letting her:

a. Takepictures of him

b. Pull his hair because she thinks it'll make it grow faster

c. Practice tying his shoes.

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