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I have never seen this dealer sell one of these figurines or whatever they are. I have seen them at Gamestop often marked down or clearance. She is very nice she sells dvds and comics but never have I seen her sell one of these. She sells them for 10 each.

They are called POP! they look cool but looking cool.and buying one are two different things. Usually.the idea “they will collect dust”, “where would I put it” and “is it something that will go up in value” stops a sale.


Do people actually collect them? They seem like a created fad with few buyers.

Also three dealers were selling magazines. All three dealers were selling Wrestling magazines. Not sure if any sold. During the second pass through they looked untouched. I was shocked at the various number of different Wrestling magazines. Is it that popular to garner magazines?

Found nothing just spent a dollar on a diet coke. My mother bought stuff like jewelry nothing clunky or unwieldy to carry.

I go through a flea market at least twice.

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