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At the front lines of resume submission

Ugh. I'm in charge of going through the first round of resume submissions for an admin post my company just put up on Craigslist. There are over two hundred emails for a days worth of time the posting has been up.

I still vividly remember my frantic job search six months ago, and I am almost nauseous at the stress of trying to give people a chance. I've been trying to read all of them, but it really sometimes comes down to my not liking -


1. Multiple page resumes that are poorly formatted.

2. No note in the email. Just an attachment. (I'd like to learn something about you! And, not just a stupid "objective" note at the top of your resume. When did those become popular? Because most of them are insipid. Also, perhaps you could mention the name of the company and what we do, since we actually let you know it?)

I was pretty surprised to find no terrible grammar or stupid emails, which were my first two ways to rule people out. I really want to give everyone a chance, but I know my boss doesn't have time to read them all *sadface*

This is way too much power. At the very least, I will be sending everyone an email to let them know if they didn't get the job because that is just the proper level of decency.


I wish everyone looking for a job good luck because I have no idea how I got hired at my company!

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