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At the ripe old age of 20...

I'm going on my first date! Plus I did the asking!

I met this guy in a therapy group that I attend occasionally. He was shy and I was quiet but we ended up talking briefly on our way to the subway afterwards. I didn't think twice about him then but slowly we got to know each other— he's finishing up his bachelor's before he heads back to Brazil next month.


I mulled it over last week and I decided that I like him because he is kind and doesn't mind the fact that I can't look at him or that I stutter. Plus he listens, has this soft-spoken way about him that is very attractive when paired with his accent, and he already knows a lot of my personal issues from therapy— that hasn't scared him away, and vice versa. So I texted him and he responded right away and he said that he was so glad that I'd contacted him and that he'd love to go out to dinner with me. I'm not even sure if it was clear that it was a date or whatever but I'm not going to stress over it, dates are basically just hanging out, right? (Seriously, I have no romantic history to speak of. Tell me!) And he's leaving soon, so there's no pressure if I make an ass of myself.

Long story short, before he leaves we're going to go out to eat at this coffee shop/board game place and maybe head for a drink afterwards.

I feel like I'm finally getting my shit together, guys— new job, making eye contact with people, asking someone out on a date. I guess this is what adulting feels like!

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