Last week we were away at the ocean. One day we drove to a small beach. Its an inlet. We stayed in the car since it was chilly. A couple was on the beach reading. They had a little girl who was in the ocean playing. She was about six. She was knee deep.

It was an inlet but still there were waves and a dock. The other side of dock was main ocean. Just a hundred yards away waves were crashing against sea wall.

The danger I find with waves is not the waves hitting shore but the pull of the water and sand going back into the ocean.

My mother complained to me (like that helped) about what we were seeing and went on saying at that age she held my hand when I was in ocean water.

Maybe the child was trustworthy and knew what she was doing. Yet I kind of agree with my mother. At the very least the parents shoud not have been reading. Yes the little girl was with them they were the only ones on the beach. Other people were in their car like us or on the dock.


After five minutes of watching the ocean I got bored and pulled out my 3ds. Justice Chronicles is fairly good, I finished it the other day at 35 hours.