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There are certain articles that I avoid to high heaven. Articles about the Catholic Church and/or Athiesm make me want to run for cover.

I was raised Catholic, but I'm currently on hiatus. Some parts of me will always be Catholic, some parts of me know that I can never come "home" until my concerns are addressed. The ceremony, the architecture, the songs and meaning behind every single thing is incredibly comforting to me. Up until middle school my family was very involved in our church. Not to mention Catholicism is one of the strongest ties I have to the Mexican grandfather I've never known and I'm named after one of my relatives, a nun. It's cultural, it's a philosophy, it's a comfort, it's home.


At the same time I'm also a woman, a progressive, a bisexual. And while all these things shouldn't Biblicaly be in conflict with the religion I love, they are. The church reminds me, the environment here reminds me, many of my friends remind me; so I've taken a break in search of greener spiritual pastures. I'm not necessarily mad at anyone about it- I enjoy respectful debates about religion because they've been eye-opening. I'm a better person for it, and I think maybe I've changed others' minds as well.

But internet activism is such a different beast. And it's so much more hateful and hurtful and black-and-white.

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