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Welcome To The Bitchery

Athleticism and Friendship Issues

First: I biked to work and back today, which is more than I have ever biked in my whole life! I have been afraid to bike near other people/cars/fences/trees my entire life, and as a child I never fully got the hang of biking without training wheels. Soon after getting the wheels off I stopped biking entirely.

So for well over ten years I never once rode a bike, and I was never very competent at it to begin with, and today I biked my commute like an athletic person! I seriously think this is one of the greatest accomplishments of my entire goddamn life, because I am fighting fear, clumsy lack of coordination, and my chronic med problems all at once! But never fear, my fellow awkward unathletic people! I am now sitting alone in my empty apartment eating peanut butter with a spoon, so I am still one of you.


Second: How do I politely tell my friends that I am sick of them crashing at my place when we hang out every weekend? One of my friends lives far enough away that when she visits she HAS to crash somewhere, but I'd like to take turns hosting the drinky sleepovers with my other local friend bc I am sick of being a hostess all the time. This weekend I said I was excited to see OtherFriend's new apartment so tomorrow is managed, but in the future? I just don't want it to be an all-or-nothing between not seeing my friends at all, and having them sleeping in my house and needing a place to sleep and all that hassle.

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