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Atlantic Article: What if Men Stopped Chasing Much Younger Women?

This article asks an interesting question. I'm not sure what I think about it. This is certainly a strong statement to make:

As hyperbolic as it may sound, there are few more powerful actions that men can take to transform the culture than to date, mate, and stay with their approximate chronological peers. If aging guys would commit to doing this, everyone would benefit: older men and younger men, older women and younger women.


Curious to hear others' reactions. I've mostly stuck to dating people around my own age (+/- 5 years), and it does bother me that, as a single 37-year-old woman, I'm seen as "past my prime" by some men my own age and older. But, as usual, telling others what they can/can't/should/shouldn't do sounds like a recipe for disaster, resentment, and angry, accusatory shrieks towards feminists.

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