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Atlus Has Three Games On Sale On 3DS Eshop And Reviews well minirevies

1. Persona Q. This game uses the Etrian Odyssey engine for maps. The characters are totally, absolutely annoying. The FOEs minibosses on each floor are not tough but way, way too many HPs. The latter floors where you use wiki torches to light the way is so annoying. The graphics and floor designs are top notch.

Also the demon fusion is really good.

It’s a very long game but a long slog.


2. Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Ever play the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games? Same idea. You create a team and go into random dungeons. It’s not fun oddly its easier playing with a single character.


Also $14.99

3. Citizens of Earth. A funny rpg. The hero is a mayor who is an idiot. The world takes place now and aliens have invaded. A traditional rpg that’s fun. When I first bought it, there were two huge glitches but I think they put in a fix.


This is $4.99 and well worth it.

For $19.99 buy an Etrian Odyssey game,


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