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Attempting to shun a llama before it nests

The military has problems, but it is necessary, whether we want it to be or not. We can point out the problems in the military without being anti-military, and we can thank troops for their service without ignoring the victims of the culture of violence it CAN sometimes create.

There are some people who join the military because they genuinely want to serve, there are some because they want to help others (remember, the Coast Guard is part of the military too, and they mostly do search and rescue and stop drugs from being smuggled in).

The concept of protecting our borders unfortunately has many racist connotations to it, and what it means to protect our borders should change.


We don't find out about foiled terrorist attacks because a lot of the organizations that foil terrorist attacks don't like to/can't trumpet their successes.

The military creates psychologically wounded people, victims, widows, widowers, parentless children (and I mean both military members/families and those who we fight against).

Let's remember nuance, people, and remember that we have people in this community that have both served in the military and been victims of the military.

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