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Bumped yet again for the weekend crew, and also because you people have stepped up and heeded the siren call of the Girl Scout Cookie with impressive results! I am so pleased that WeePiglet is able to help everyone with their cravings!!

ANYWAY. Orders are being submitted, for real, on Monday night. So you have today and tomorrow to figure out just how many boxes of cookies you will need. The answer is: LOTS AND LOTS.


Email me at mad.piglet.42 at gmail for ALL THE INFO!


Bumping it up for the night owls/lushes/insomniacs...

This is your last call, I mean it. Actually, I'm lying because I will probably bother you all at least once more this weekend.

If you have already paid me, then I have your order. If you have NOT paid me but still want cookies, then GET ON IT.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot pay me at the current time but will be able to pay me at some point in the future, please shoot me an email at mad.piglet.42 at gmail and we can work it out because it is seriously no big deal at all. We have about a month until the cookies actually arrive.


It doesn't look like our tiny troop is going to reach their goal of 2000 boxes, but remember that if you buy 5 boxes or more, you are entered into the drawing for FREE COOKIES FOR A YEAR. That's 52 boxes, you stoners. Get on it. For every 5 boxes you buy, you get one entry. So, 5 boxes = 1 entry, 10 boxes = 2 entries, and math will tell you how that ends up.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has ordered. WeePiglet is hard at work on your original artworks to be sent when your cookies arrive. Our tiny troop gets the bulk of its operating funds from the cookie sale, and with only six girls, we don't have a lot of ready cash, but we have ALL THE FUN. So thank you, from the bottom of their feral badger hearts for helping to support them as they Girl Scout their way through life.


Again, if you need all the relevant info, email me at mad.piglet.42 at gmail and I will give you all the knowledge.

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