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PSA: Doctor Who is back up and streaming for the US audience on Amazon Prime starting today! This is vry big news.


I’d also like to leave you with this gem from the IMDB message boards:

“Shout-out to Karen Gillan’s fashion style...from the appreciative male viewpoint.

“Karen Gillan is doing her very best to keep alive the miniskirt and tights fashions and perhaps may yet succeed in resurrecting both. The miniskirt has come and gone twice already in history and will probably come back. Karen has essentially updated the 80s miniskirt/tights for the 21st century. Gone is the flowing, upswept blown hair styles, now keeping in line with straight hair fashions. The mono-color pantyhose has been replaced by dark, texture and patterned hosiery. The footwear is far more artistic and expressive than the 80s. The blouses and miniskirts seem to be of a higher quality material, color and patterns.

“Karen G. is something of a 21st century Ally McBeal.

“It’s not all roses, though. Both women, 5'10" and 5'6", respectively, have perfect, ectomorphic body morphology. They can pull off the long-legged, short-skirt schtick with ease, as well as partial ectomorphic/mesomorphic types. Mesomorphic woman body types will look exceptionally curvy and sexy, as long as the woman stays at least in modest shape. The losers are the endomorphic and endomorphic/mesomorphic body types, especially if they’re short and short-limbed. In those cases the women are advised to avoid Karen Gillan and Ally McBeal fashions and stick to their own, better fitting attire. It’s better never to try fitting a round peg into a square hole and vice versa.”

Never change IMDB message boards.

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