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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Attention Book Lovers

So Middlemarch Madness is happening at Persephone Magazine, and we need your votes. More specifically, we need your votes AGAINST Jane Eyre and Scarlet O'Hara, who made it into our bracket in spite of being terrible*. They're up later in the week, but if you're a fan of Sethe, from Toni Morrison's Beloved, or think Luna Lovegood needs to be knocked down a peg, come vote today!

Today is the first of many votes, we're narrowing down from 64 contenders to 32 by Monday. Voting posts run each day at 5p, EST, and will be open until Saturday afternoon.


Note: You won't see Meg Murry (from A Wrinkle in Time), Hermione, or Minerva MacGonnagal, because they're winners from previous years. Pmag loves the Potter women.

*This is blatant electioneering. Not sorry.

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