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Am I the only person who doesn't like flying Southwest?

After reading the story about the funny Southwest flight attendants and reading the comments, the conclusion I am coming to is that I might not be a fun person.

In all fairness, the fact that I was on Southwest totally saved my ass when I needed to change a flight recently and the two checked bags policy is really nice. I think that flying Southwest, is probably a great experience if you're going on vacation of if you don't fly frequently but after half a dozen flights or so in the last two or three months, I just don't enjoy hearing my flight attendant sing on the intercom and I'm not up for elbowing my way to a seat or being stuck in the middle two flights in a row because my connection was too tight. Also, all of my recent Southwest flights have been on crazy routes with random stops in the middle—like a bus...some of them were mentioned on the itinerary some of them were not...


On the face of it, it seems like being able to check bags, having friendly, personable staff and having the freedom to change your ticket, should be universally pleasant experiences, but I just don't enjoy being on Southwest flights.

Am I totally alone on this?

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