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Attention grilled cheese enthusiasts

I came across this month of madness on Buzzfeed :


If you're a true brieliever, you've probably already seen it. The name is dumb, but I can look past it for all of the tasty inside. I don't know if I would qualify them all as grilled cheese, but who cares, really? I tried the Sriracha butter apple one and it's madly delicious.


Also, if there is a Kroger chain near you, get to the bakery and get you some of the whole clove garlic bread. I've gotten it in three states, so its not a locally specific thing!

Also! I'm re-watching But I'm a Cheerleader. Its clearing this PMS up pretty well. If you haven't seen it, RuPaul, Natasha Lyonne, gay rehab comedy, nuf said.

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