Been looking online and walmart online is having one hell of a Father's Day sale on Nexus7 (16GB) tablets. So, my question now is: the 2012 or 2013 versions. There's a $50 difference ($150 vs. $200). Is the 2012 version sufficiently slower/obsolete/not as snazzy compared to the slightly faster, more high-def 2013 model?

My mom has been struggling with what to get my dad for Father's Day. My dad is unmaterialistic to a fault, NEVER asks for anything, and is always happy with whatever he has.

After being married for 40 years, this means my dad has a plethora of nice watches, lovely wallets, numerous colognes, dozens of books, tons of shaving and grooming gadgets, enough BBQ/grilling paraphernalia to easily prepare a meal for a platoon, pallets of shirts to clothe an entire town, and enough ties to get to the moon and back.

But my daddy is awesome! (I realize I may be biased here). He's a hard worker, super generous, infinitely patient and loving, and incredibly funny. He deserves to be spoiled. So I just straight up asked him if there were any cool gadgets he has been eyeing, and he lit up and mentioned the idea of a tablet.

Now, if you must know something about my dad you should know this: he would never spend hundreds of dollars on something just for shits and giggles, so this isn't something he'd ever get himself, especially if he can't justify other practical reasons for having it.


So my question to y'all is: what kinda tablet would be good for my dad? A little more info to help with suggestions.

My fam isn't rich, so a fair or reasonable price is important (iPads are out of the question, as a result).


My dad loves to read, and play checkers. He's a preacher and has been using my digital audio recorder to record his sermons over the past year or so, so maybe something where he could upload those files and edit them?

Also, he has an HTC Evo (I know, that's an older phone model), so maybe something that would be compatible? But that's not a deal breaker.


So what say you, my intrepid GTers? Thanks in advance for your help! :-)