Did any of you watch Encore last night? The premise is that Kristen Bell (who played a woefully minor role, though her facial expressions were priceless) brought together the cast of a high school musical (“Into the Woods”) 20 years later and had them put the musical on again. They had one week to do so, and had the help of a professional director, choreographer, costumer, etc.

I was fantasizing about how fun it would be to do that same thing for our college production of Into the Woods — in which I played one of the stepsisters (Florinda, to be exact) or Company (I played Crazy Amy).

I wish the show had been longer - maybe a series? I think it could be kind of inspiring to see people go back to something they did as younguns and re-connect with high school friends - and potentially see it have larger resounding effects. Seeing other adults take large risks (not of the bungee jumping or dating show kind) and maybe making some life changes as a result could make for an interesting show. It could help remind us that just because we are of a certain age, it doesn’t mean our future and our potential is set in stone.


One of the guys still lived with his parents and seemed a bit stuck (the show was only 1 hour - so not a ton of time for backstory) - and his role in the musical was upgraded becuase the director found he had more talent than had been previously understood. I wonder if that had any broader effects on him and his life. Unfortunately slingtv cut the last couple of minutes of it - so I missed some of the talking heads at the end.

Did anyone else watch this? Were any of you in musicals? Would you want to do something like this?