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This weekend is Apple Day at Terhune Orchards! Call your friends, bring your kids, or just stay at home. I'm not the boss of you.

Details are here.

I have so many memories coming to this place as a kid and picking things, be it apples in the fall or berries in the summer. Many middle-class kids have a small connection with the food they eat. These kind of activities remind kids that apples don't just appear at supermarkets.They grow on trees and come in all shapes and forms. It takes an extra push from parents or other influences for the kid to learn more about the effort put into growing the apples, what kind of lives the people picking the apples live, and the politics behind apple picking in the first place. Whatever your opinion on apples or farms or apple picking at farms, there is a great wealth of discussion that can be had and things to be learned, and that alone gives this tradition some value.


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