I listened to this piece of shit on the radio so you don’t have to! It’s called “Pretty Girls.” As you can imagine, it’s a sincere reflection on the influence of media culture on self-esteem.

Hahahhahahahhaahha NOPE

It’s those two “singing”/”rapping” about how great it is to be pretty. Some lyrical gems include:

“We’re just so pretty!!!” — I think this line is in the song at least 12 times.

“All around the world pretty girls jump the line to the front do what we like get what we want, we’re just so pretty!!!” — The second half of the refrain. I did not include the last clause in the sentence in my count of the usage of the line “We’re just so pretty!!!”

Anyhoo, it’s as bad as you’d expect. And only 2:44 long!

It feels like something that should be in Zoolander or an SNL skit, not something that was actually made with the intent of actual distribution.