I will be flying into SFO on March 2nd at 1 pm and have the afternoon/evening available (before driving out to the middle of nowhere). I will be back in town in the evening of March 7th (after returning from the middle of nowhere) before flying out the next morning. I won't have a lot of time in town, but I will have some time.

Does anybody want to meet? Or at least tell me where I should go or what I should do? (fun part of town to visit, some place I absolutely must have lunch on the 2nd, some ridiculously touristy thing I should do). I will have my own rental car, but because I live in an area where I literally see a traffic light about once a month when I leave town, I would like to avoid have to drive that car on unfamiliar roads with traffic as much as possible (I have no qualms about taking public transportation).

ETA: I really want to do the most touristy thing I can think of and ride the cable cars. What is the best way to do that?

So, just confirmed when I am there overnight, I will be staying at a hotel near the airport, but also near a BART stop. Please adjust recommendations accordingly.

ETA: Time stamp edited in hopes California GT members who don't check this at work will see it.