Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sorry guys, last repost. Because this is the kind of thing that needs a firm reservation and head count, I want to make sure everyone who is interested sees it, so no one gets left out! Hope you guys don't mind.

It's a brunch sure to include some Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

Illustration for article titled ATTENTION: OFFICIAL DC JEZE-BRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my fellow DC-area friends! This post ended up being a bit later then we originally planned, but February is probably a better month to fit in a brunch since it's absent New Years and the Superbowl.

I know the fun part is figuring out WHERE to brunch, but let's try and arrange a day (and some other logistics) first, since that's the challenging part with scheduling conflicts!

I've also included a question about price range and booze/no booze status. I think generally most people will be partaking in the alcohols, but if we have enough folks who aren't interested, I'll rethink the weighting of drink choices and bottomless availability when choosing a place.

You'll note that I didn't include 'maybe attending' or 'unsure' options. Because it will be a sit down brunch, a firm head count is pretty important. Feel free to email (kookaburracho@gmail.com) if you have any specific requests or updates, though.



***IMPORTANT NOTE*** You have until Monday February 3rd at 7pm to complete the survey, which I will be reposting throughout the weekend.

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