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Attention So. Cal ladies — does anyone want to adopt two cats?

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To make a very long and frustrating story short — my boyfriend had picked out a kitten at a local shelter here in Los Angeles, but the kitten wasn't old enough to be adopted out. So, boyfriend had to return to the shelter two days later to pick her up. When he arrived at 8am, the kitten, as well as it's mother and its sibling, were gone; some rescue group was able to bribe the shelter to release the kittens two days early. Knowing how much my boyfriend wanted this kitten, I tracked it down to a rescue group here in LA (run by what I will admit are very inept and crazy cat ladies).


We've basically got to the point where the crazy cat ladies will let us adopt the kitten we were going to save from the shelter in the first place (at a marked up cost, of course) — but they are reluctant to let one kitten go when the mom and the sibling remain. So, I've offered to help find someone who will adopt the mother and the baby together. (The tortie baby with the split face is the one my boyfriend is picking up.)

The mom is a 10 month old tortie, and she's really pretty. The remaining sibling is a super cute, super spunky white male. The cats will come fixed, microchipped and with all the required vaccination. If you, or someone you know, has been looking for two young cats, this might be a great opportunity. Share this with whomever you can, and let me know if you're interested!

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