Hey guys. So as most of you know, I work at (big chain coffee company). I like it for the most part, the hours are flexible, most of my coworkers are friendly and pleasant to be around, and I get some good benefits. One of the (very minor) drawbacks has been working with 18 and 19 year old kids who have some maturity issues to work out. I get that it's age related and I know personally that I was pretty insufferable at that time of my life too, but there's been a repeated issue with a 19 year old that just got promoted to shift lead (and one girl who apparently, thinks it's undeserved and that SHE should have gotten the position and blah blah blah I'm checking my phone now and now I'm about to fall asleep and oh sorry, I have to run now....)

The shift lead in question just got promoted a few weeks ago, and I've noticed her taking a really sharp/demanding tone with a lot of baristas over menial stuff...yelling at/shaming people publicly for making mistakes, screaming at all of us to get to work during a lull period, etc. Today one of our guys was in the back helping the store manager set up our modem, and this girl started screaming his name throughout the store and told him to "get his butt back on the floor before I slap you!" It didn't seem to be in a joking way, and we weren't really even busy at that point. She's also been micromanaging my job (pick up the coffee urn like this, wash dishes like this...okay lady, the coffee will still make it from point A to point B and the dishes WILL get cleaned, I need you to stop trying to control the PRECISE manner in which it gets done, especially when the store manager has seen me do it like this a hundred times and hasn't said a word.)

I get it that the job is new and she may feel like she has something to prove to people, she's most likely very stressed, or she may think she's just being sassy/bold/fiesty,or that this is the way that bosses are supposed to act, but I want to gently say something if this kind of thing continues, because it's not okay. It doesn't create an environment of respect, and I wouldn't want ANYONE to talk to me the way that she does under any circumstances, especially not at work when I'm already An Old compared to these kids and barely make above minimum wage.

I've been trying to put together the right phrasing as far as setting a boundary about how to talk to me at work...using the model my therapist taught me, "when you do _____, I feel ______, when I'd rather feel like _______, so I'm asking you in the future to do _______ instead. Can you do that?" but I don't want to come across as condescending or disrespectful. Nor am I trying to stir up a bunch of crap. It's just not cool to speak to your employees like they're kids in time out.

Does any of this make sense? Anybody have any advice or tips? I just think it's best to nip stuff like this in the bud.