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Attitude of gratitude

What are you grateful for today, beautiful people of GT?

As many of you know, it's been a rough few weeks chez Honey. But today, I'm determined to note, and offer thanks for, all the good things going on for me. I'd like to hear what you're grateful for, too!

For me, I'm happy that my classes (dare I say it?) all seem to be going really well! How I drew 4 great groups and a 5th with potential, I don't know. But I sure am thankful that work's going well!


I'm grateful for my family: my parents and brothers have been so wonderful about helping with Homey. My dad and brother have taken him to the doc, my mom came over to help me clean, my dad and other brother have come over to make him lunch and keep him company. And, the other night, they brought over a twin bed and set it up so Homey wouldn't have to sleep on the couch any more. My family is awesome!

Finally, I'm a big believer in gratitude for the little things. Today, I received a bottle of OPI's You're Such a Budapest and did my nails. So pretty! (Also, thanks Tyrannosaurus Bataar for the Seche Vite recommendation—that stuff is frickin' amazing!).

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