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Attn: American People! Stop making it hard to be proud to be an American

So I took a break from throwing up/dry heaving to check out facebook this morning. The Monday after the Superbowl meant that I was expecting a ton of dumb shit I don't care about. Well lookie what I found here. I'm sorry but this is fucking stupid on so, so many levels. Let me count the ways.

1) Why is seeing America the beautiful sung in a different language that an American speaks offensive in any way shape or form? The US doesn't have an official language, we're not all required to speak English ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Your racism/xenophobia is showing big time here.


2) So you anonymous internet meme maker can speak for every SINGLE SOLIDER and what they have fought for? I'm pretty sure at one point soldiers fought for our freedoms which do in fact include the freedom to sing America the beautiful in a language besides English. One positive thing I see is this stupid picture has only gotten roughly 7.1K likes so far. And a lot of the comments are in fact arguing about how dumb indeed this is. So a win there.

Okay I got sick of thinking about this so feel free to add your own takedowns about how stupid this is. And here's the super offensive Coca Cola ad.

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