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Attn: Clothes-crafty Kinjateers

I come seeking clothes altering advice!

I am making the plunge to actually exposing my stomach whilst wearing a bathing suit and I had in mind what I was looking for. And I found it! On Torrid, where I barely make the lower end of their size range, but seriously, every suit I liked came from them. So I ordered the smallest size available (a 0) though I suppose I’m technically more of their 00.


So the top fits well and my girls actually have support in it (Hallelujah), but the band around the middle is big and bows way out in the back below the buckle. The buckle itself is snug because hey, adjustable, and the band is okay at the front, but where it’s no longer attached to the upper band with the buckle, is pushed out in a noticeable gap from my back.

Any suggestions on how I can alter the band? I’ve never sewn so I don’t know how that would go. Is there any sort of buckle I can use to shorten it?

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